Seeking Inspiration

“E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle.
And so we came forth, and once again beheld the stars.

― William Styron, Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness

On the first night

we strangers met

seeking inspiration.

six weeks of

inching toward insight,

and what inspired me was


the Strangers.

with their

downcast eyes

and mumbled replies.

we were so Different

we did not realize

that is a Superpower.

Depression is a marker

associated with





Odd Ducks & Outcasts.

If this is You,

Welcome to the Club.

What seems to have plagued

most of us

for all our lives

is the sense that we are


somehow Unacceptable.

some are made aware

early & often

of what makes them


many merely resign themselves

to possessing

some intractable flaw.

all of us know

in our innermost being

that we alone must

bear the burden

of Being.

Because Different

is Unusual.





scary things happen to

Strange & Unusual

these days.

Where does it start?

Where does it stop?

In the Head.

In the Eye.

In the Mouth.

In the Heart.

What self-respecting Depressives know




Be the change.

You don’t have to accomplish everything,

just do something.

even if it is a

Little Thing.

Begin where you are.

You’ve had the Power all along.


Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


let freedom ring…


I Dreamed I Met Melania Trump…

view from Ca d’Zan, Sarasota, Florida

“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~~Harriet Tubman

I dreamed I met Melania Trump.

I did not hate her.

I did not recognize her.

She was a poor immigrant woman,

living in a shabby apartment,

trying to take care of her children,

& make a life for herself.

Her clothes were tattered & out-of-date

Her hair was brittle & dry,

most likely from a combination

of poor diet

& cheap styling products.

She offered to cook me a meal,

& I got the impression

her dignity wouldn’t permit refusal.

While she cooked, she spoke

about her Deep Pride in her heritage,

& her still Deeper Pride in being an immigrant

to the Land of Boundless Opportunity.

She had dreams

of a Successful Career,

& a Picture-Perfect Home,

& maybe even Marriage & Family

just like in the Movies:

America the Beautiful.

Swimming Pools.

Movie Stars.

But her life had not turned out

like they promised in the movies.

She had done things she wasn’t proud of.

It seemed the Price That Must Be Paid.

Her dreams never seemed to come any closer to reality.

She said she was discouraged

& this scared her.

It meant she was

Giving Up.

& she could not survive

without the Hope of a Better Life

for her children as much as for herself.

She did not want to doom them

to life as poor immigrants

in a brutal & callous country like this.

She said she feared deportation.

She said she feared homelessness.

And she asked me if I thought that

marrying for money

was somehow

an unpardonable sin?


Who am I to judge?

Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


let freedom ring…

Shadow Dancin’…

J. London-From the Rear

“Faithfulness and devotion, things born of fire and roof, were (hers); yet (she) retained (her) wildness and wiliness. (She) was a thing of the wild, come in from the wild to sit by (Man)’s fire, rather than a (woman) of the soft Southland stamped with the marks of generations of civilization.” ~~Jack London, The Call of the Wild (paraphrased)

If you would join the Shadow Dance

consider carefully your readiness

Once you begin the steps, you cannot stop

You cannot unsee what you will see

you cannot unknow what you will learn

Joy and Sorrow, Pleasure and Pain

Truth and Consequences

Lies unmasked

Know Thyself

the Origins of Divine Love

dwell in the dark, unlovely Shadow

There is no lotus without the mud

Hold a World on Fire

Heal it with a Flood of Tears

You will Burn



Suspended between your Desires and your Fears

You shall surely Die

Your Old Ways

Now reveal

That which you loathe

and Love

dressed in work clothes

Demands all your attention

If you would know

Heaven & Hell

the Piper must be paid.


Crazy Annie, Queen of Reality


let freedom ring…